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At  Pacific Edge our goal is to make your time on the water more fun and productive. We will outfit your private boat with the right stuff so you can fish like the pros, both inshore and offshore. From our full-line tackle store to our world famous Pacific Edge Bait Tanks we've got the fishing gear for you. 

Bait tank prices are effective 01-01-2016

**Shipping Note: At times if you purchase multiple items or oversized items the UPS calculator may fail and will not compute the shipping charge. If this occurs please call us at 714 840-4262 and we will manually determine the shipping rate.  Thank you!

For International Orders e-mail PacificEdge@Socal.rr.com

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Tidelog 2016
PE80SDI Bait Tank
View the Fish Report!
Fish Report  05-28
Map 05-28
PE120D Bait Tank

"Between Two and Twenty Fathoms"
Second Edition
"In the Gray"
The Book is Back!!!
"Lessons From a Lifetime on the Water"
by Captain Mark Wisch
Reg $23.95

A:DVD:How to Read your Color SounderA:DVD:How to Read your Color Sounder
By Captain Mark Wisch

A-Capt Mark's 2 Book DealA-Capt Mark's 2 Book Deal
Buy "In the Gray" & Get "Lessons"for only $10.00
A-Capt Mark's 2 Book Deal #2A-Capt Mark's 2 Book Deal #2
 Buy "Between Two & Twenty Fathoms & Get "Lessons"for only $10.00
A-DVD Capt. Mark Wisch Squid/WSB Seminar A-DVD Capt. Mark Wisch Squid/WSB Seminar
If you missed the seminar...
Now on DVD!

Baja Directions Sportfishing AtlasBaja Directions Sportfishing Atlas

Chovy Master CM1Chovy Master CM1
Chum BuddyChum Buddy

Deckhand CuttersDeckhand Cutters

Deckhand PliersDeckhand Pliers

Deckhand SetsDeckhand Sets

Hydro Glow HG0354Hydro Glow HG0354
1' Long
Hydro Glow HG3216Hydro Glow HG3216
4' Long
Lid-PE60D Full SizeLid-PE60D Full Size

PE30FB Bait TankPE30FB Bait Tank
New Flat Back Design
PE60D Bait Tank PE60D Bait Tank
Reliable Kill Bags-RF1836 Reliable Kill Bags-RF1836
Shimano Flat Fall 200gShimano Flat Fall 200g
Shimano Flat Fall 250gShimano Flat Fall 250g
The Snip Fishing Line CutterThe Snip Fishing Line Cutter

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