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Pacific Edge Leading the Way Offshore Since 1980
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Designs you can trust to keep your live bait strong & healthy


Pacific Edge fiberglass tanks are designed and built by Captain Mark Wisch, leading West Coast angling authority and boat outfitting consultant. Each of his bait tanks is meticulously inspected and every tank is water tested.

Pacific Edge tanks feature fine tuned, field tested internal dimensions and circulation systems for keeping even the most delicate live bait strong and healthy for long periods of time. Features like adjustable water levels and directional baffles make our products more than just live bait tanks. They're live bait systems

There's a Pacific Edge System to Fit your style of fishing
Pacific Edge quality is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from our 12 gallon polyethylene MT1 to our largest tank the 140 gallon PE140ST.

You'll find a Pacific Edge bait system suited to virtually any size boat and any style of fishing. And for that custom touch, we offer a selection of options and accessories, including custom colors to match your boats existing color scheme.




Quality that will endure a lifetime of hard fishing
Quality is evident in every detail of a Pacific Edge bait system whether from the hand laid fiberglass construction and high gloss gelcoat finishes to the smartly designed splash collars and variable spill tubes. While offering the utmost in maintenance free service and durable good looks, these tanks are also surprisingly lightweight so you're not adding a lot of excess pounds to your boat.

One important feature are the well rounded outside corners. This is a critical safety factor in the sometimes frantic moments of offshore angling.

Our installation service insures peak performance for your system
We don't just sell live bait systems, we install them too. Every boat is different so each system requires a knowledgeable professional to recommend the best pump and plumbing. We then carefully integrate the components into a complete system.

Add it up: proven designs, selection, quality and professional installations. These are the reasons more anglers have been turning to the first name in live bait systems since 1980 - Pacific Edge.



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