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Custom Tanks & Accessories

PE90D With custom curved widows

PE90D With custom lid

PE120D modifed to be a larg single tank

PE120D Half bait tank- half tackle storage and sink

Part of an AC/DC pump set-up with bait alarm and 8 position manifold

PE24BT With custom rod rack an locking lids

Custom SS rod rack

PE90ST on a 35" Cabo

With toe kick

More Customizing


PE55S                                     PE85D                                  
With custom color                              With custom corner window and rack


PE85D                                                   PE120D 

Double tank customized                    With optional rod rack & scuba tank holder
with single tank opening


PE120D                                                PE100D
Modified housing converted             With custom 8 position rod rack
to tackle center.
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