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Hoop Netting/Lobsters

Hoop Netting for Lobsters

Article written by by Jim Salazar 
This is an excerpt from "In the Gray" by Mark Wisch

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Lobster and crab, two of the most expensive culinary delights our Southern California coast has to offer, are right here for your taking. Our crab season lasts all year long and spiny lobster season is almost six months long, from October to mid March.


As a recreational angler, you can only take lobster or crab by hand or hoop net. For those of us who don't scuba dive a hoop net is a perfect way to capture these delights of the deep. Hooping is the easiest of all the angling sports you can do on our coast. It requires the least amount of skill and the most luck.


The first thing you'll need to start enjoying lobster dinners is a good quality hoop net. Promar (a Southern California manufacturer of various landing nets and fishing gear) by far makes the most superior hoop net on the market. Promar hoop nets are available in two sizes, a 32" and a 36" width net. These nets are made with quality polyethylene netting, which is doubled at the hoops, extending the life of the hoop nets. Zinc galvanized steel construction prevents rust on the upper and lower rings.

The 32" net is perfect for the small skiff or kayaker while the 36" net works great on a larger boat, while offering a larger bait pocket and a larger area to capture your dinner.


All Promar's nets are designed with a patented bait holding double layer net pocket, making it easy to bait up and retain bait in the net. The nets are 20" deep and are extremely effective in preventing the escape of your catch. Promar hoop nets are all conveniently pre-rigged with all the rope and floats for you to begin your hooping adventure.


The basic parts of the hoop net are the two metal rings with the smaller ring forming the bottom or bait portion of the&

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