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Crimping FAQ

Q. What's the difference between crimping mono to spectra vs. mono to a hook?

   A. You are doing two completely separate things to your mono. In crimping mono to a hook, you are squeezing or pinching the mono in two places and folding the mono around the eye of the hook with a lot of force. In crimping the sleeve around the mono/spectra connection you are squeezing the crimp down hard enough so that the spectra will not slide up and down the mono. You do not want to bruise the mono in any way. A lot people are misinformed about how the system actually works.

Q. What's the advantage of a crimped mono/spectra connection over a Bimini/Albright connection?

   A. Only in the size and profile of the connection going through the guides.

Q. Why do I need your crimping pliers?

   A. The pliers and crimps have been designed and engineered to specifically work together. There no other pliers currently in production that can do the job properly. The manufacturing tolerances are held to .005". All pliers are personally hand inspected for 12 individual tolerances.

Q. Can I use the Spectra adhesive with the crimp?

   A. Yes, its highly recommended that you use both together.

Q. Can I just use the Spectra adhesive without a crimp?

   A. The adhesive was designed to be used in conjunction with either a crimp or serve.

Q. Is the crimped mono/spectra connection any stronger than a served connection?

   A. If done properly both are of equal strength. Both have been know to fail if not done properly.

Q. What is the advantage of a crimped vs. a served connection?

   A. The crimped connection is quicker and easier than serving. The serving can be done quickly but not well. To serve a connection properly, one has to take some time and effort in doing the overhand knots and winds with sufficient pressure and consistency that is difficult to do on a rolling deck or galley.

Q. What crimp sizes are available to make mono/spectra connections?

   A. The sizes available are: 40#, 50#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 135#, 150#, 200#, 300#

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