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"Lessons From a Lifetime on the Water"
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"Lessons From a Lifetime on the Water"
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"Lessons From a Lifetime on the Water"
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Captain Mark Wisch author of

“Between Two and Twenty Fathoms" and “In the Gray"

And now... you'll take your fishing to the next level with "Lessons from a Lifetime on the Water" and improve your angling skills with the 8 essential rules to fish by.

This 208-page, hardcover book will make anybody a better fisherman — in more ways than just fish counts. As an example  Chapter One, The Natural Order of Things, teaches anglers about the importance of timing amd Chapter Two, Above the Sun, explains the key element of positioning.  

Capt. Mark Wisch has taken some of the most important lessons he’s learned from more than 40 years on the water and shared them in, Lessons From a Lifetime on the Water, Eight Essential Rules to Fish By.   Wisch’s third book — following the successful In The Gray and Between Two and Twenty Fathom it establishes fundamental themes for successful fishing while relating dozens of entertaining and funny stories that helped shape Capt Mark Wisch into who he is today — an expert angler who still loves learning as much as he does teaching.

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