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Tidelog 2018
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Tidelog 2018
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Tidelog 2018
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Areas Covered:
Southern California:
Los Angeles, San Diego, Catalina,
south to Manzanillo, Mexico, and
north to Carmel

Tidelog shows tides and currents in the context of sun and moon.

This helps you make real-world assessments of the conditions you'll face. For example, "the current ebbs all afternoon; low tide is just after dark; there will be no moonlight until late... so we'll want to be in by about 6 to be sure we clear the shoals (remember that other time?) and still have enough light to see."

 Tidelog teaches.. without words! Watch the tidal rhythms change with the moon's phase, distance (apogee, perigee), and declination (north, south, over the equator). See the relationship between tides

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