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A:DVD:How to Read your Color Sounder
A:DVD:How to Read your Color Sounder
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A:DVD:How to Read your Color Sounder
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New!!!   Now Available

How to Read your Color Sounder

DVD---by Capt. Mark Wisch

Learn how to interpret all those lines, dots, colors and squiggles and how to use the information to catch squid and white sea bass.

Approx 90 minutes

Posted 03/18 BD Outdoors Fishing Chit Chat

I watched Marks' new DVD on the sonar/fishfinder seminar yesterday. I have to say it was the best part of an otherwise shitty/cold/windy/rainy day. The first part was pretty much definitions and I thought I knew most of that. It's nice to hear it again and fill in the gaps in what I thought I knew (and didn't). Very refined and distilled to the meat of the matter and very understandable. I'd never attended his seminar in person so all the slides of actual color sonar photo shots were new to me. Almost all of them were clear and detailed close ups. Solid info on better reading squid, seabass even halibut with dialing in the color units. Great tips on deciphering bottom echoes and suspended fish, baitballs, offshore marks, etc. I've had Furuno units for over 20 years and I've never heard of the trick for reading halibut on the bottom (why didn't I think of that?). So.......for the beginner to the expert, or just for a good refresher, I think its worth the $$. Thumbs up. Thanks Mark.



Name: Dave R

Vessel: 28' Carolina Classic Laukia

Location: So. Cal.

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