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Promar Bait Motel NE-750
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Promar Bait Motel NE-750
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Promar Bait Motel NE-750
SKU: 00000
Price: $16.99

Bait Motel

Use these temporary Bait Motels to store your bait until your next outing. Specially designed with a convenient floating upper compartment, access to bait is secured by a drawstring closure to keep out pesky birds. Designed with soft Ace Nylon material and all non-corrosive materials. Floating top ring and stainless bottom ring.

Bait Motel #NE-700      14”x15”    $19.99
Bait Motel #NE-701      17”x18”    $21.99
Bait Motel #NE-736      36"x32"    $69.99
Bait Motel #NE-738      36"x38"    $89.99

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