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Reliable Kill Bags-RF2048
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Reliable Kill Bags-RF2048
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Reliable Kill Bags-RF2048
SKU: 00000
Price: $239.00

RF2048           736211180971            20"X48" INSULATED KILL BAG  


Why bring the blood on your deck or have bulky coolers in your cockpit. Kill bags hold more fish and alleviate the smells associated with putting fish in your fish holds. Insulated kill bags hold ice for days and collapse for storage.
Contact are sales team for more information.

Deep Storage Area

Reliable Fishing insulated kill bags carry a one year warranty on workmanship.
You will not find a better bag on the market.
Kill Bag sizes are:
18"x36", 20"x48", 20"x60", 20"x72", 28"x48", 24"x60", 30"x60", 30"x72",30"x90",

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