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"Between Two and Twenty Fathoms"
"Between Two and Twenty Fathoms"
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"Between Two and Twenty Fathoms"
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Between Two and Twenty Fathoms
by Capt Mark Wisch

Over the years countless anglers while shopping in the store, coming up after seminars or stopping me on the docks to visit have asked that question. It’s not an easy one to answer as “Where” is just part of the formula for success. There are many more critical components and all are vitally important to your success as an angler. On these pages, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned, savvy pro you will find the answers. Between the covers are the tips, tricks, secrets and spots necessary to make your time on the water far more productive.

Portuguese Bend to Dana Point

This private boater’s handbook of strategies is your complete reference to the waters between Portuguese Bend on the Palos Verdes Peninsula down to the bold headland of Dana Point. Inside you’ll find complete coverage of famed locations like the Horseshoe Kelp, Izor’s Reef and the Huntington Flats. Additionally there are new chapters in this expanded second edition covering the halibut fishery in the Long Beach Outer Harbor and the South Coast. There is also much more text on how to target the tanker-grade seabass we’re finding as the fishery recovers. And of course, more stories and pictures to back up the fact we are so fortunate to have such fantastic fishing opportunities right here in our Southern California coastal waters.

“Inside you’ll discover…”

*Find, fish or hoop hundreds of the secret wrecks, rocks and hard bottom spots the locals don’t want you to know. Some of these spots have never been shared before!!!

*Target the larger barracuda, bonito, sand and calico bass, halibut, white seabass, yellowtail and lobsters living in, on or around those spots.

*Select the hooks, sinkers, lures, line and other gear to make you a far more effective angler or hoop-netter.

*Assemble your arsenal of matching rods and reels designed to handle all our coastal species and changing conditions.

*Outfit your private boat with the proper gear designed to make your precious time on the water more fun and productive.

What industry leaders are saying about
"Between Two and Twenty Fathoms"

Mark’s forty years of time spent on the water are clearly defined in this book. From the coastal hot spots to the hard bottoms and local wrecks, he gives you the information you need. This book can take the beginning angler and turn him into a seasoned veteran. If you want to catch fish, read this book!

I’ve fished the West Coast for more than three decades, but I still learn something new every time I talk to Mark. He is a supreme angler and a generous mentor. Anyone who fishes off the California coast must read this book.
Jim Hendricks, West Coast Editor, Boating, Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing

"Between Two and Twenty Fathoms blends the where with the why and how to give anglers another tool to put this puzzle that we call local fishing together. From fishing spots, to finding spots of conditions to how to find and fish spots with conditions, this guide puts it all out there."

Brandon Hayward, Saltwater Editor WON, owner/operator, One. Man. Charters.

"Mark's knowledge of both inshore and island fishing in SoCal is second to none. Decades of days on the water combined with an analytical mind  makes Mark the go to guy for local fishing. To be able to tap into all this experience for a few bucks is a no brainer."

Ali Hussainy, BDOutdoors.com

There are about a "jillion" private boaters in Southern California that need the information in this book!

Leon Todd - President, Calstar/Tackle Specialties

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