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Bait Light Hydro Glow HG30
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 Bait Light Hydro Glow HG30
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Bait Light Hydro Glow HG30
SKU: 00000
Price: $149.99

 Hydro Glow Premium Fishing Lights

The Hydro Glow Premium Fishing Lights are the brightest and most compact fishing light on the market. "Globe style" 12v lights. Utilizing the latest in LED technology it provides 10% more light output than the older 4' long models. The LED wattage will amaze you at the illumination. The compact size, only about 5" long, makes is easy to store and transport.

The HG45 is the light to have for catching tuna, swordfish, sea bass and any other offshore species.

Color: Green
Diameter (in.): 4 in.
Length: 20 ft.
Details: 5" Tall; 3600 lumens, 5" Tall; 5400 lumens

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