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Baja Directions- Santa Catalina/San Clemente-Laminate
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Baja Directions- Santa Catalina/San Clemente-Laminate
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Baja Directions- Santa Catalina/San Clemente-Laminate
SKU: C101L
Price: $15.99

Title: Santa Catalina/San Clemente
Item Number: C10L
Flat Laminate: 11x17

Easily identifiable "Hot Spots" with marked GPS locations (some charts include compass headings, too)

·Simple to use tips and techniques from local experts with decades of fishing experience.

·Detailed species information including best areas, time of year and bait and tackle.

Valuable fishing and boating information.

And Much More


C101) Santa Catalina/San Clemente - This map covers the fishing areas around Santa Catalina and San Clemente Islands, including the Farnsworth and Mackerel Banks. The map contains valuable information for the private boater such as clearly marked fishing hotspots with GPS coordinates and local names, locations of boiler rocks and kelp, expert tips and techniques by species, compass headings to and from the islands, and a fish identification chart that includes information on how to properly identify each featured species. This high-resolution 3-D rendered map is available in the popular waterproof and tear-resistant, folded version or in the best-selling flat laminate format.

Cut-Out Section of This Map
(Actual Map is Much Higher Resolution and Shows Greater Detail)

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