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Marks Hoop Net Weights-Outer
Marks Hoop Net Weights-Outer
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Marks Hoop Net Weights-Outer
SKU: 00000
Price: $8.69

  Weight Your Nets....Loose Less Gear...
1# Hoop Net Weights

*The easy way to weight your nets!

A stable net is a productive net and now it’s easy to add more weight

No More Rusty Chain 

 Catch more crabs and lobsters!

 Loose less gear!


There are two styles of “Heavies” One is designed to fit the inner ring and the other will match the curve of the outer ring of both the 32” and 36” nets.

For normal conditions, add three “Heavies” on the outer ring, each centered under the raised bridle-attachment points.

For deeper water, breezy conditions or strong currents, also add two or three ‘Heavies” to the inner ring.

The added weight will stabilize your net on the bottom. It will both fish more productively and drag away less so you’ll loose less gear and catch more crabs and lobsters.

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